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Sex-o-Love, an instant solution to your sexual problems. A potent cure to erectile dysfunction and sperm disqualification, Sex-o-Love is trusted by thousands of customers around the globe. It has been proven to sustain your erections without any side effects and help you satisfy your partner.


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Are you facing difficulties in your sexual life with your partner? Looking for an immediate solution to all those sleepless nights spent with shame and without satisfaction? Here is your saviour. WDHS Ayurvedic Sansthan proudly presents Sex-o-Love. A quality product that will change your life. Sex-o-Love has no side effects and has been used by hundreds of customers around the globe for its potency. Go ahead. Happiness is knocking at your door. The kit includes a vacuum therapy machine, capsule bottle, prash, oil bottle, cream tube, gel tube, condom, book and CD. Capsule is to be taken at night after meal, prash is a sugar free prash which is to be taken ½ spoon in day time after lunch. Next item is oil, you have to massage the oil on your sexual part 15 minute before sex. The cream and both are to be used at the time of sex.

    • Create Intimacy: Sex-O-Love is prepared by the Ayurvedic method and it is the medicine which has a quality to Create Intimacy in the body.


    • Cure Erectile Dysfunction: Sex-O-Love cures you or your man from Erectile Dysfunction and makes sex organ stronger.


  • Make Your love life Beautiful: Sex-O-Love will make your love life beautiful by making your sexual activities better than before and help you to satisfy your partners demand.

How to Use

Sex-O-Love is a complete package for treating your sexual problem. You are given many items in the kit and each and every item is having its own use and benefits. Firstly after taking lunch, you have to eat ½ spoon prash, then at night eat 1 capsule after taking your dinner. The next item is oil, the oil is to be used as a massager and for massaging you can use the vacuum therapy machine. The massage is to be done 12 minutes before sex. The other items are cream and gel, they both have to be used during the time of sex and you have to use both of them. The kit is also having condom packet which is to be used during sex.


Additional Information

1.5 g
45 x 25 x 15 cm
Care Diabetes
Herbal, No Side Effect, Non-Addictive


100% Safe


Instant Result With Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee


No Side Effects


100% Herbal


Easy to Use



Our Guarantee to you….

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with this product, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Take up to 60 days to decide! Go through all the material and follow the instructions. And if you are totally not satisfied then simply write us at or call 9200009987, and we will refund in 7 working days.


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