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Dr. Piles Kit is a single stop solution to the prolonged pain caused by Hemorrhoids. Dr. Piles Kit is a natural formulation with instant results and no side effects. Created by the expert team at WDHS, this is a special solution for people suffering from severe Hemorrhoids.


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Plies kit cures piles problem without surgery. It is an Ayurveda product and is completely natural. It is not having any side effect and is 100% safe, It can proficiently remove lumps. The dr. piles kit can quickly stop bleeding. It can Cure the other problems related to piles like itching, burning, and swelling also. It is helpful in easing constipation. It is based exclusively on the Ayurveda formula. It gives permanent result if you use it continuously. It is quite easy and simple treatment with 100% surety of piles problem removal.

  • Avoid Constipation: Dr. Piles Kit is the best treatment for Piles and the subsidiary problems like Constipation.
  • Prevent your generations: Piles is a Familial or Genetic or Hereditary. Dr. Piles Kit prevents you or your family from Piles.

How to Use

You will get oil bottle, capsules and powder in the dr. piles kit. You have to take the capsule twice in a day after taking your meal. The oil bottle which is given in the kit contains 100 ml of oil. That oil is to be massaged on the anal opening two time in a day by taking 4 drops of oil. The other item that is the powder is to be taken once in a day after taking lunch. The powder is to be mixed with water.


Additional Information

1.5 g
45 x 25 x 15 cm
Care Diabetes
Herbal, No Side Effect, Non-Addictive


100% Safe

Instant Result With Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

No Side Effects

100% Herbal

Easy to Use


Our Guarantee to you….

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with this product, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

Take up to 60 days to decide! Go through all the material and follow the instructions. And if you are totally not satisfied then simply write us at info@wdhsmart.com or call 9200009987, and we will refund in 7 working days.


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